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The company "Clean and Fresh" specializes in dry cleaning of furniture, carpets, mattress covers, covers, curtains and other surfaces. We work with private clients and legal entities. You can call specialists to your home, apartment, bar, cafe, restaurant, office and other premises. The client can observe all stages of cleaning, directly controlling the quality of work.

Most often, people deal with such problems as stains from coffee, wine, other drinks, accidentally dropped fatty foods. Special attention is paid to complex contaminants, including traces of urine, ink, felt-tip pens, and highly staining solutions. Cleaning is also necessary in the case of grease, as well as natural pollution over time.

For cleaning we use dry and wet method, extractor technique, extraction method and other technologies. If necessary, drying is carried out using special equipment and deodorization. Special attention is paid to eliminating odors and disinfection - this will help get rid of insects, pathogens that cause diseases.


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