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Shops for gardeners :

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Interros LLC is a time-tested Belarusian company. Our main activity is wholesale and retail trade in various types of fertilizers, seeds of forage, lawn and green manure crops, soil, as well as gardening equipment and a net for vegetables. The company offers a huge range of simple and complex fertilizers with microelements, organomineral fertilizers (OMF), a full set of water-soluble micronutrients (simple, with one microelement, and complex, with a full set of microelements), presented in the form of chelates. As a leader in the Belarusian market, we guarantee the best conditions for cooperation and the quality of the supplied products!

1st supplier of greenhouses and polycarbonate. Garden swings, benches, barbecues. Shipping on RB. Discounts and promotions. Call and order.

1st supplier of greenhouses and polycarbonate. Any size. Promotions and discounts! Garden swing, grill, benches. Shipping on RB.

Buy tillers, cultivators, the hinged equipment to store garden equipment. Come and choose!

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