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Ritual services :

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You can order the whole complex of works. We are manufacture plates on the graves, fences forged and welded both on our designs and on your, benches, tables also supply monuments and applying them to portraits and deep inscriptions.
We make delivery and installation at any time convenient for you.

Kostroma, str. Simanovskogo, 30

tel. +7 (4942) 50-48-15
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Funeral Agency Obelisk
Kostroma, str. Sverdlova, 31

tel. +7 (920) 383-22-52
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The MEMORY company manufactures and sells gravestones from granite and marble. Economical and exclusive of Karelian and Chinese granite of various shapes and sizes. Art engraving high quality will provide the best design of the monument. Job experienced the best engravers, allows us to offer portraits and drawings in Colour. The images don‘t disappear when wet. Also offers fences, benches and tables, laid tile.

The transportation of the body to the morgue, the paperwork, burial plots, funeral. Funeral goods large assortment. Coffins, crosses, wreaths, ribbons, etc. to Order-Bus-Coffin Cross funeral. Call/Round The Clock.

Funeral home Budget, funeral
Kostroma, 156010, str. Proselochnaya, 34

tel. +7 (915) 928-50-28
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Transportation of the deceased, paperwork, place in a cemetery. Coffins, crosses, wreaths, ribbons all goods all for a funeral.

Our services

Turning to us, You are guaranteed to receive a quick and qualified solution of all organizational issues, including competent legal registration, preparation and transportation of the body of the deceased, conducting the funeral and burial. Always in the presence of all the necessary funeral supplies.

FS, funeral services
Kostroma, str. Sverdlova, 34a

tel. 500-825
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The whole range of funeral services

Master Stone
Kostroma, ave. Rabochiy, 55

tel. +7 (494) 236-07-08
Actual on 01.01.2018
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