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Geodetic works :

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Stroymashservis perform, Geology, geodesy, design of houses and cottages. We will execute all complex of engineering survey under the key, prepare all the necessary documents to start construction, but will also help to issue the building permit. Help in the selection of the site and perform preparatory work. The company‘s designers will develop a project at home individually for you. Will carry out the selection and supply of building materials: blocks, concrete, slabs, bricks, blocks, tiles, façade materials, roofing and finishing. Build a home with us, build houses with Stroymashservis. Our company works in Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Republic of Crimea, Galich and Ivanovo. Addresses of offices can be found on our website in the contact section. Execute: geological surveys, geophysical work, selection of land, drilling of water wells, construction of houses and cottages, as well as projects of houses and cottages. Search our site on request - stroymashservis surveys. Call.

Geological engineering refer to the pre-project activities and minimize many of the risks of the project that are associated with the geological conditions of the site. We have vast experience of working with objects of any complexity and always provide the results of research exactly in the contractual deadlines. Finished projects strictly comply with all regulatory requirements. The purpose of the engineering-geological survey the Aim of this work is a comprehensive study of engineering-geological conditions of the site, which projected the construction of any object. The result is a forecast of changes engineering geological conditions that may arise due to the interaction of the designed objects with the geological environment. Taking into account the received recommendations to take appropriate measures at the design stage, construction and operation.

Kostroma, str. Lenina, 10

tel. +7 (905) 151-02-33
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Kostroma, str. Lenina, 10

tel. +7 (4942) 37-36-93
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Institute Giprovodkhoz
Kostroma, str. Kalinovskaya, 40

tel. +7 (495) 582-44-00
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Kostroma, str. Marshala Hovikova, 4v

tel. +7 (920) 644-00-26
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Cadastral engineers
Kostroma, ave. Mira, 3a, str. 222

tel. +7 (962) 183-66-33
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Quarter Project
Kostroma, str. Lenina, 45

tel. +7 (4942) 49-46-48
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Company Land Agency: 44
Kostroma, str. Marshala Hovikova, 10, et. 2

tel. +7 (4942) 41-90-71
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