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OUR DESTINATIONS: Baby gym (from 3 to 14 years), Fitness for pregnant women, Yoga, BOSU, (New), ZUMBА Fitness, Fitball, DanceMIX ( jazz-funk, pop-jazz, strip-plastic), Stretching (stretching) , FitnessMIX (Step, Body Pamp, Body Skulpt , Functional Training and more) - nutrition, every month measurement and control achievements)

gym, group classes

The FITNESS COURT is the original club, a fitness Studio and school of dance. The perfect solution for those who like BORING workout.

Together to BUILD the BODY and WAKE up EMOTIONS:

- Fitness (Step class, BodySculpt, FitnessEnergyMix, CrossFit, Fitness yoga)
- Fitness Plastique (stretching, takedowns)
- Body Ballet (choreography for beginners, stretching, posture)
- Stretching
- Zumba Fitness
Latina Solo. Fundamentals of engineering
Club latina in pairs

- Children‘s fitness (4+)
- Modern dance (10+)

Fitness Club Panna Cotta
Kostroma, Hikitskaya str., 35

tel. +7 (4942) 32-21-61
Actual on 01.01.2018
Loft Fitness
Kostroma, Hikitskaya str., 47A

tel. +7 (4942) 52-05-20
Actual on 01.01.2018
Power Gym
Kostroma, str. Katushechnaya, 76

tel. +7 (950) 244-27-15
Actual on 01.01.2018
Kostroma, ave. Mira, 153/2

tel. +7 (4942) 30-05-90
Actual on 01.01.2018
Academy of dance Ksenia Chikulaeva
Kostroma, mikrorayon Malyshkovo, str. Suslova, 2a

tel. +7 (906) 520-33-00
Actual on 01.01.2018
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