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 Contesting the cadastral value of
 Real estate appraisal
 Assessment of equipment, transport
 Business valuation, securities
 For lending (mortgage, pledge)
 For sale (rent)
 For the revaluation of fixed assets
 To resolve disputes in court

• Evaluation of real estate (land, plots, houses, apartments, offices, warehouses, shops, buildings, etc.);
• Offer our services for the valuation of the property g in Kostroma and Kostroma region:
• Evaluation of vehicles (RTA) (cars, construction machinery, valuation of damages resulting from accidents, etc.);
• Assessment of damage (accident, Bay, fire, damage, etc.);
• Assessment of property for entry in the inheritance;
• Valuation of securities (stocks bonds bills shares in joint-stock companies);
• Business valuation, intellectual property Valuation;
• Evaluation of equipment (machines, devices, power units, office equipment, furniture, machinery and equipment).
Service for state registration, g Kostroma and Kostroma region:
• Reorganization / liquidation of IP, LLC, JSC, non-commercial organizations;
• Change of the General Director;
• Change of legal address;
• Changing the Charter of the organization;
• The increase in share capital;
• Add / exclude NACE (activities);
• Change of names;
• Registration of cash register equipment;
• Registration of mass media;
• Obtaining a patent.


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Kostroma, str. Lenina, 45

tel. +7 (953) 643-51-98
Actual on 01.01.2018
SP Osipov N..
Kostroma, str. 8 Marta, 60, str. 16

tel. +7 (4942) 31-58-49
Actual on 01.01.2018
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