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Our company has its own production of high quality screw piles. Products comply with GOST. We produce screw piles from high-quality rolled metal with anti-corrosion coating. The products are certified and passed strict quality control. We prescribe a guarantee for our work in the contract. Our experts will advise you, and you will make the best decision when choosing a foundation. We carry out the settlement with the client after the installation work. Visit our website and find out the cost of the turnkey screw foundation.
Manufacture and installation of screw piles
The company is engaged in the manufacture and installation of screw piles for houses, garages, gazebos, fences.

Vent company for fabrication, we work with orders of any complexity, manufacture metal structures for customers in the Yekaterinburg region and the surrounding regions. In addition to metal, we offer metal fabrication services: bending, cutting, painting, gear cutting, turning and manufacturing of hardware under the order.

Manufacturing of metal structures of any complexity for standard and non-standard projects on the basis of drawings, specification and to Customer. All steel structures are manufactured in strict accordance with the drawings of the brand KM, KMD, according to current SNiP, GOST, provided by the Customer. As well as carry out design work associated with the construction of buildings and structures and the development of drawings KMD.
Processing, Assembly, welding of steel structures
Assembly and welding of metal is carried out on the premises. Jobs assemblers allow Assembly of steel structures of about 550 tons. per month with the construction of a geometric scheme in accordance with the drawing and control the Assembly process. The quality of welded work is VIC and ultrasonic inspection. Technological equipment of Assembly line provides for the Assembly of the following types of constructions:
• steel structures of buildings, shops, hangars, warehouses, shopping centers, terminals, storage, prom.- building production and technological of the body.
• prefabricated buildings of metal.
• process design (farm supports, beams, columns, ramps, canopies, platforms, stairs).
• Chimneys of metal, piles.
• Piping supports.
Design of steel structures
Installation of metal structures on the object
Delivery to the object
● High quality
* Process Assembly designs, allowing you to avoid marriage as
● Minimum production time
● Flexible payment terms

Ekaterinburg, str. Mashinostroiteley, 19, str. 1354

tel. +7 (922) 104-99-46
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Our company is engaged in the provision of services in the field of production of metal constructions and metal products for more than three years. We are a dynamically developing company, today we operate in three major engineering companies in Yekaterinburg, Tyumen and Polevskoy.

Manufacture of lifting equipment. The crane beam suspension, the supporting crane beam. repair and restoration of the crane beams, hoists. Service. Service.


• Development of drawings, KM, KMD;
• Service and operation units, ABK, operator, boiler rooms, laboratories;
• Antenna mast structures (PMS, searchlight mast, antenna supports, communication towers, portals, portal ПС35Я1С lightning rods, MS CM,
pylon, (coating paint, priming enamel, hot and cold galvanizing);
• Industrial and technological buildings including buildings for energy facilities and development of oil and gas fields;
• Logistic complexes, warehouses, garages, garage repair blocks, RMM;
• Process design (farm, piping supports, racks, platforms, stairs);
• Shopping malls, office buildings;
• Foundation beams, pile caps, pile heads, inserts.

The company "Fairmont" produces metal structures for different purposes: construction steel, customized designs of metal according to customer‘s drawings, welded steel, manufacturing equipment, metal, for various industries.

The company "Цинк66" is one of the production enterprises on the territory of Sverdlovsk region involved the galvanizing of steel structures by hot dip galvanizing. The workshop is equipped with the latest equipment ZINK KVK KOERNER and KOERNER production of Austria and Germany.
Galvanizing of steel structures, services of hot-dip galvanizing of all components and structures, the solution of your problems on the choice of metal and assistance in preparing parts for corrosion protection for many years in any environment is a minimal list of our capabilities that we guarantee 100 % reliability of the zinc layer and the quality of work performed in accordance with GOST 9.307-89.

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