Telephone directory

Directory of telephones of all cities.

Actual directories of telephones of enterprises of all cities. Private ads, commercial offers. A convenient search system and a card file of business cards of all enterprises. On the site not only telephones of enterprises are collected, but many other useful and interesting information.

Telephone directory of all cities

      The information on the site is constantly updated and kept up to date. The date of actualization of data you can see on the card of the enterprise or near a private advertisement. To add information to the telephone directory , you need to go to the section of the city to which the company belongs and fill out the company registration form. All information is checked by the moderator, and then becomes available to all users. By registering on the site you will be able to edit your company`s details, contact information at any time. Also you get the opportunity to add private ads. In business cards of the enterprise it is forbidden to specify the addresses of sites. This is done in order not to turn the phone directory into a site for promotion of sites. Some users abuse the free service. But this is allowed in private ads.

     Users can independently monitor the relevance of their information. To do this, just log into your account on the site and click the & quot; update & quot; near the necessary announcement. After that, the update date will be updated. More relevant data is always displayed first, and these users are always more likely to be noticed by potential customers.

     We do our best to constantly improve the telephone directory of enterprises and other sections of the site. We constantly add new tools. To date, telephone directories of more than 1500 cities are available on the site. Some of them are still in the filling stage. This does not happen very quickly, since the data is added by the users themselves. But some telephone directories contain already thousands of phones and addresses of businesses in the city.

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