The best cafes and restaurants in Minsk

In Belarus, stormed the wave restaurant business. Numerous cafes and restaurants are doing their best to satisfy the most fastidious visitors. A cafe in Belarus, proud of its diversity of dishes makes it an ideal place to get acquainted with the cuisine and national spirit.

The best cafes in Minsk work throughout the day, and especially in the evening and at lunch time. Very different dishes from one cafe to another, because each prefers his choice. Also, in the Belarusian capital are widely represented cuisines from around the world. For example, countries such as: Italy, Turkey, Spain, France, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Cuba, Japan, Turkey, Ukraine, Japan and China - send their professional chefs to promote the kitchen of their country and share their experience with Belarusian by colleagues. And the latter, in turn, are quite successful in such art as cooking and are trying to preserve the originality of ancient recipes that are passed down from generation to generation.

True splendor is accompanied by live music, exquisite cuisine, which you can try in the best restaurants in Minsk. This city is very rich in restaurants that fit the most standard wallet. You should definitely try the dishes prepared by experienced chefs. Top restaurants in Minsk proudly have the right to show off a comfortable location and an unusual beautiful design, as well as such an advantage as service in many languages. Here you will have a wonderful evening or just meet with an old friend.

There are more than a dozen of such restaurants that have an amazing view of the city. But the most magnificent panoramas, of course, those who are on the upper floors of the building, because from there opens a magnificent view. Many restaurants have windows overlooking the historical center of Minsk, and these are: the Trinity suburb and the legendary Nemiga River. The night lights of the city of Minsk tempt with their sparkle, giving the soul peace, purity and warmth.

The best place to meet with the Belarusian national cuisine, are cafes and restaurants in Minsk. In which you can hold business meetings, get acquainted with the culture and history of the country, and just enjoy your time with your friends.

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